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Digitized Materials from Michael W. Suleiman Collection

Digitized Materials from Michael W. Suleiman Collection


These documents are digitized items from the Michael W. Suleiman collection.

Recent Submissions

  • Houghton, Louise Seymour (Survey, 1911-09-02)
    Covers education for men and women, intellectual life, Arabic newspapers, charitable and social organizations, daily life, moral character, customs, intersectarian relations, and the community's social status. Much and ...
  • Glover, Katherine (The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1907-02-10)
    Positive view of Syrians/Arabs (6,000 in NYC, 60,000 in the U.S.) becoming Americanized. Pictures.
  • Ansara, James M. (Harvard College, 1931)
    In his thesis, James Ansara gives a history of Syrian immigration to and life in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Khoury, George; Al-Rais, Shoqui (1943)
    A directory of Syrian and Lebanese individuals and businesses in Michigan in the early 1940s. Contents broken down by city with addresses provided for most individuals and businesses. Includes advertisements for many Arab ...
  • Awwad, Yusuf (Al-Hoda, 1904-10-05)
    The problems are: Not mixing with Americans; lack of scientific knowledge; one occupation, namely trade; sectarianism; lack of trust of other Syrians/Arabs; not sticking to one job; and sticking to old customs and traditions. ...
  • Hitti, Philip K. (Al-Muqtataf, 1922)
    Results of research which culminated, a couple of years later (1924), in the English language publication, The Syrians in America. Covers the various aspects of history, numbers, settlements, occupations, social, religious ...
  • Hitti, Philip K. (Al-Hilal, 1919)
    Survey essay which covers history, occupations, problems, successes and challenges of Syrian Americans.
  • Zakham, Yusuf Jirjis (Al-Muqtataf, 1905-11-01)
    Well-informed and well-organized summary of conditions of Syrians/Arabs in U.S. in early twentieth century, including numbers, occupations, causes and advantages of immigration, and Arab prospects in the U.S.
  • Maloof, Joseph N. (Al-Ayam Press, 1899)
    Includes a section on Arab immigration, the Arab American community, its socio-economic conditions and press. Pictures.
  • Holway, Jamil B. (Al-Hoda Press, 1910-08)
    Very useful information about what the "Syrian" immigrant needs to know about immigration rules and regulations and conditions in U.S. It also provides a sketch of the Syrian/Arab community in U.S., its social and economic ...
  • Kherbawi, Basil M. (Al-Dalil Press, 1913)
    One of the earliest attempts to provide a sketch of "Syrian" emigration and its causes, as well as the size, composition and location of the various Arabic-speaking communities in the U.S. Though there is a near-obsession ...
  • Nakad, Khattar Yusuf (Meraat-ul-Gharb, 1914-05-14)
    Argues against panic in the wake of denial of citizenship to George Dow, in South Carolina, based on argument that Syrians were not white. Calls for petitioning Congress on the issue.
  • Shumayyel, Shibli (Fatat al-Shara, 1909-12)
    Author criticizes the head of the Naturalization Council in the U.S. as unrepresentative of Americans as a whole when he denied "Syrians" the right to American citizenship. He calls for changing the statute on which the ...
  • Unknown author (Al-Hilal, 1904-10-01)
    Argues that Syrians/Arabs in the Americas should not feel guilty or unpatriotic (to the Ottoman state) for taking up American citizenship and settling permanently there.
  • Unknown author (Al-Hilal, 1909-12-01)
    Argues that Syrians/Arabs in the Americas should not feel guilty or unpatriotic (to the Ottoman state) for taking up American citizenship and settling permanently there.
  • Rihani, Ameen (Al-Hoda, 1904-03)
    In a series of articles, Rihani distances himself from the clergy; declares that he searches in his own soul for divinity; prefers the roads less traveled; and wishes liberty/freedom would be transported from U.S. to the East.
  • Yaziji, Iskander (Meraat-ul-Gharb, 1914-01-17)
    Discusses the causes of Syrian/Arab emigration, the social, educational, and political status of Arab Americans, and the potential for improvement which immigration has provided in all areas of Arab life.
  • Unknown author (Al-Hilal, 1893-10-15)
    Relates that many of the "Syrians" and Egyptians who went to the Columbian fair for trade lost a great deal of money because attendance was low. [However, that was prior to the sensational dance du ventre introduced by ...
  • Dammous, Shibel Nassif (Al-Hoda, 1904-10-27)
    In praise of Arab traders at the Fair and their cleverness in selling their products.
  • McGovern, John (Halligan's Illustrated World, 1894-03-12)
    Includes pictures and text of "Arabs" at the Fair.

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