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  • McLaughlin, Allan (Popular Science Monthly, 1904-09)
    The article provides a portrait of three different groups of immigrants in America: the Hebrews (or Jews), the Magyars, and the "Levantine Races." McLaughlin is not very positive towards the immigrants from the Levant; he ...
  • Maloof, M.M. (Boston Evening Transcript, 1917-08-22)
    This article talks about the willingness of Syrian and Lebanese Christians to fight for the United States against the Ottoman Turks in World War 1. It includes a letter from an infantryman training in Texas to his family. ...
  • Unknown author (Al Hoda, 1898)
    The article reports on the catastrophe that was the sinking of the French ocean liner SS. La Bourgogne, which sunk on July 4th, 1898, at the mouth of the New York harbor. 549 lives were lost in the tragedy, including several ...
  • Sama'an, Boutros Effendi Elias (Al Hilal, 1908-04-01)
    The article talks about the demographic makeup of the Greater Syrian population in the United States around the turn of the 20th century. It was written by a reporter from Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Unknown author (Harper's Weekly, 1890-10-25)
    This article takes a look at the "Arab colony" on New York City's westside, along Greenwich and Washington streets. The article provides physical descriptors of the colony's residents and their perspective on Arab culture ...

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