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  • OCCurrences, Oakland Community College (Oakland Community College, 1983-06)
    OCCurrences article on the "Dig-a-Mastodon" class offered by OCC, where students would learn excavation strategies and methods while getting hands on experience at the Shelton Mastodon Excavation Site in Brandon Township, MI.
  • OCCurrences, Oakland Community College (Oakland Community College, 1981-11)
    An article from OCCurrences on the OCC class "Mounting a Mastodon" at the Highland Lakes Campus and brief background of the Mastodon "Elmer".
  • The Spinal Column, Ken Fink (The Spinal Column, 1982-06-23)
    Untitled newspaper clipping of two students working on fitting a joint of OCC's Mastodon, and a National Geographic Society photographer preparing to shoot the Mastodon's reconstruction.
  • The Spinal Column, Rachael Dolson (The Spinal Column, 1981-11-25)
    Newspaper article on the reconstruction of OCC's Mastodon.
  • The Oakland Press, B.A. Modrack (The Oakland Press, 1982-06-18)
    Newspaper article on OCC's Mastodon "Elmer".

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