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Detroit Plaindealer

Detroit Plaindealer


This weekly African American newspaper began publishing in Detroit with the May 16, 1883 paper and ceased publication in about 1895. From Library of Michigan, DALNET has digitized (with the help of the Central Michigan University Clarke Historical Library's Michigan Digital Newspaper Project), the available run of the newspaper from 1889 to 1893.

Collections in this community

  • Issues for September 20-December 27, 1889
  • Issues for January 3-December 26, 1890
  • Issues for January 2-December 25, 1891
  • Issues for January 1-December 30, 1892 (missing June 10, 1892 issue)
  • Issues for January 6-May 19, 1893

Recent Submissions

  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-05-19)
    World's Fair; Maggie Porter-Cole; Music; Composers; Lynching
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-05-12)
    Frederick Douglass; Lynching; World's Fair; Othello; William Shakespeare
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-05-05)
    John M. Thurston; Republican Party; Afro-Alabama Cotton Mill; James City, N.C.; World's Fair
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-04-28)
    Paul L. Dunbar; David Jenkins; Rev. Alexander Crummell; Tower Society; World's Fair
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-04-21)
    British West Indies Regiment; Victoria Cross; William E. Easton; Anna Julia Cooper; George Dixon; Boxing
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-04-14)
    Michigan Equal Rights Association; Grover Cleveland; Railroad Car Segregation; World's Fair
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-04-07)
    Jockeys; Priscilla Cadwallader; Vagrancy Laws; Colonization (Brazil); Rev. J. B. Massiah
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-03-31)
    Boston Liberty Guards; Frederick Douglass; Tuskegee Conference; World's Fair; Bishop John M. Brown
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-03-24)
    Grover Cleveland; Boxing; Railroad Cars; Wayne County (Michigan) Circuit Court; Elections
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-03-17)
    Charles Ethan Porter; Brooklyn Board of Education; Integrated Schools; World's Fair; Detroit elections
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-03-10)
    General Benjamin Butler; Stanley Hott; Freedman's Aid and Southern Education Society
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-03-03)
    Abraham Lincoln; 30th Anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation; Porter-Cole Chorus; Lincoln Banquet of the Ohio Republican League
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-02-24)
    Paris, Texas; Gov. Jim Hogg; Colleges; Colonization (Africa); Lynching
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-02-17)
    Peter Jackson; Boxing; Theatre; Howell Jackson; Supreme Court
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-02-10)
    Howell E. Jackson; Supreme Court; General Benjamin Butler; Lynching; Paris, Texas; Phillis Wheatley
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-02-03)
    General Benjamin Butler; Lynching; Europe; World's Fair
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-01-27)
    Phillis Wheatley; Europe; General Benjamin Butler; Haitian Revolution
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-01-20)
    General Benjamin Butler; Bishop John M. Brown; Liberia; Cincinnati businessmen
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1893-01-13)
    C.N. Grandison; Lynching; Fort Wagner; William H. Carney
  • The Plaindealer Co. (1892-12-30)
    Jim Crow; Supreme Court; Railroad; Colonization (Africa); Jenny Bishop; Slavery

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