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  • Unknown author (Pontiac Church of Christ, 1954)
  • Karam, Afifa [Hanna] (Al-Hoda, 1918-04-18)
    Powerful statement for freedom of religion.
  • Unknown author (Firm Foundation, 1972)
  • Scher, Dena; Revell, Yvonne (Marygrove College, 2015-06-09)
    Yvonne Revell was a Bennett College student, living at home, during the sit-in demonstrations at the Woolworth’s lunch counter which began on Feb. 1, 1960, Greensboro, NC. The interview recounts her student days at Bennett ...
  • Hamati, Elia (Al-Sa'ih, 1919-01-16)
    Argues that Palestinians -- much poorer and less educated than European Jews planning to come to Palestine following the Balfour Declaration -- will need to unite, seek help from Arabs and Muslims, educate their children, ...

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