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  • Boyd, R. Vernon (Mission, 1968-07)
  • Harnett, Thelma (Christian Echo, 1969-01)
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1965-08-13)
  • Hariqa, Haikal al-Khuri (Al-Hoda, 1904-12-06)
    Qualities to look for in boys and girls who are seeking marriage partners. Supervised contact between boys and girls is better than no contact (Eastern tradition) or unsupervised contact (Western tradition).
  • McFaul, Brad (Gospel Advocate, 1978-09-21)
  • Raphael, J.G. (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-07)
    Raphael praises an article of the same title by Victoria Tannous, but criticizes the fact that religion hardly was touched upon. He then relates a sad story of the forced separation of a Christian woman and a Muslim man ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-04)
    While Tannous accepts inter-religious marriage in principle, she opposes it in practice because of differences in upbringing and customs which will make for an unhappy marriage.
  • Unknown author (Government Printing Office, 1911)
    Under "Races or Peoples" are entries for "Arabian," "Mongolian, Mongol, Mongolic, Mongoloid, Asiatic, or Yellow Race," "Syrian," and "Turkish." Arabians are Semites, Syrians are "Christians and Aryans, not Semites" p. 217, ...
  • Unknown author (Bristol Road School of Biblical Studies, 1977-05)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Ibn Dawud (Al-Sa'ih, 1913-08-25)
    Argues that society's progress is dependent on the education of women and the attainment of their rights. States that Syrian/Arab women are still under the authority of their menfolk and should become equal to men -- but ...
  • Lawyer, Robert F. (Gospel Advocate, 1944)
  • Kohn, Douglas (Detroit Institute of Arts, 1980-08)
  • Royal Oak 
    Boyd, R. Vernon (1986)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1967)
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1965-07-30)
  • Chung, Sally; Derrick, Karlee (Marygrove College, 2015-07-13)
    Sally Chung was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Her parents immigrated first and worked to bring Sally (age 3) and her siblings. She did not see her parents for nine years while she lived in Taiwan with her grandfather. When she ...
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Foote, Sandra A.; Avant, Crystal (Marygrove College, 2015-07-20)
    Marygrove College student Crystal Avant interviews her mother, Sandra Foote, about her experiences moving to Detroit. Sandra Foote grew up in New Orleans and lived a sheltered life with a close-knit Creole community. Foote ...

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