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  • Unknown author (2002-10-27)
  • Tabshi, Mary (Al-Hoda, 1904-11-11)
    Discusses the benefits of education for Syrian women.
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1960-05-03)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1962-02-16)
  • Cohen, David Solis; Sommer, H.B. (Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1876)
    A humorous account of the Centennial Exposition, with references to Arab and Muslim participants.
  • Unknown author (Al-Wafa, 1907-10-04)
    An Arab-American bachelor details the quandary he faces, namely whether to marry an American girl, or an Arab girl who expects a rich husband, or to return to "Syria" to get a wife.
  • Unknown author (1925)
  • Sobczak-Stearns, Denise; Whalen, Fr. Timothy F.; Mazurek, Fr. James K.; Kosanke, Msgr. Charles G.; Krol, Fr. Miroslaw; Glowacki, James; Karschnia, Leonard; Vucinaj, Martin; Chumiecki, Marcin; Milewski, Msgr. Stanley E. (Orchard Lake Schools, 2009-05)
    The Orchard Lake Good News magazine has been published periodically since May 1970. The Orchard Lake Good News is published to inform the thousands of friends, alumni and benefactors of the Orchard Lake Schools of our ...
  • Unknown author (Harper's Weekly, 1890-10-25)
    This article takes a look at the "Arab colony" on New York City's westside, along Greenwich and Washington streets. The article provides physical descriptors of the colony's residents and their perspective on Arab culture ...
  • Martin, Glenn (2000)
  • Orth, Samuel P. (Yale University Press, 1920)
    An account of different immigrant groups in the U.S. Brief mention of Arabs, Syrians.
  • Dammous, Shibel Nassif (Al-Ayyam, 1898-04-08)
    Shows pride in educated Syrian/Arab women, like Mary Aziz, who writes for the newspapers, and endorses her call for parents to relieve their daughters from constant employment, and to give them some personal freedom which ...
  • Chou, Pao-yu; Scher, Dena (Marygrove College, 2015-07-13)
    Dr. Pao-yu Ching Chou was born in Beijing, China, the oldest of three children. Though of royal descent (Qing dynasty), her father grew up an impoverished orphan; her mother was a very wealthy member of the Han majority. ...
  • Unknown author (1975)
  • Unknown author (1975)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Flemings, Patricia; Flemings, Amber (Marygrove College, 2015-07-20)
    Patricia Flemings recalls her life growing up in Detroit. She also recounts the history of her parents and grandparent migrations to Detroit. She compares the past Detroit, particularly before the riots, to modern day ...
  • Duncan, Norman (Harper's Monthly Magazine, 1903-03)
    Paints the Syrians/Arabs as a simple people, hard-working and not harmful to others, even though they are viewed with suspicion and fear by some Americans. They are presented as all Christian and as opponents of the Ottoman ...

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