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  • Unknown author (1969)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Fleming, Walter L. (Popular Science Monthly, 1909-02)
    Somewhat detailed account of American government decision to purchase camels, their importation and the uses (or lack of such) made of them. Reports that two Turks and three Arabs (no names mentioned) came with the camels. ...
  • Baker, Ge’Vonda Marrie; Baker, Joe Ann (Marygrove College, 2015-07-13)
    Joe Ann Baker grew up a small town in Eastman Georgia where she did not notice prejudices (white doll). But life was quite different when she moved north. After moving north she encountered racism and white flight in ...
  • Boyd, R. Vernon (1999-05-31)
  • Williams, Don (Pacific Church News, 1989)
  • Wolford, Joe (2010-03-22)
  • Turner, Ashley; Arnold, Keith (Marygrove College, 2015-07-13)
    Keith Arnold was born April 5, 1943. He was raised in Buffalo, New York. In this interview, Keith Arnold revisits living in the state of New York as a child and young adult. He recounts his experience as a child with his ...
  • Davidson, Myrtle (Christian Chronicle, 1968-07-19)
  • Unknown author (Church of Christ, Washington D.C., 1958-01-15)
  • Unknown author (Church of Christ, Washington D. C., 1958-04-15)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Unknown author (1960-05-08)
  • Byrd, LaDonna; Byrd, Karmen (Marygrove College, 2015-07-13)
    LaDonna Byrd is a single mother of five children living in Detroit, MI. This interview recounts her younger years living in Detroit and the difficulty of dealing with the early loss of her parents. Also, how moving back ...
  • Antun, Farah (Al-Jami'ah, 1908-08)
    Report by the editor of Al-Jami'ah about his meeting with the Canadian Minister of the Interior who detailed for him the conditions of acquiring land to homestead, especially in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • Maloof, Asber Qatini (Al-Ayyam, 1898-06-25)
    In this incomplete series of articles, the writer states unequivocally that Syrian/Arab immigrants to America came for economic gain. Some, however, were bad characters in the old homeland and now constitute the depraved, ...
  • Bell, James S. (Christian Leader, 1901)
  • Gaddy, Lenolia; McClendon, Sherry (Marygrove College, 2015-07-20)
    Migration to Detroit: Lenolia “Na-Na” Gaddy migrated to Detroit as a young girl. She recounts her life from her migration from Armory, Mississippi and the racial tension known there to the booming city of Detroit where ...
  • Hawley, Monroe E. (1990-04-05)
  • Salibi, Amin (Al-Hoda, 1903-07-18)
    In response to suggestions for making female peddling illegal, author reports the views of two "Syrian" women peddlers who argue that peddling has not scandalized Syrians but rather made them rich, and that women peddle ...

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