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  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1965-10)
  • Unknown author (Christian Chronicle, 1965-06-18)
  • Assaf, Jalil (Meraat-ul-Gharb, 1912-09-25)
    In response to the call for "Syrians" to take up farming and to remain in the U.S., the writer opposes this notion because 1) money and expertise are not available, and 2) the "Syrians" should return to "Syria," their true ...
  • Unknown author (Southfield Church of Christ, 1970)
  • Juhayna (Al-Ayyam, 1898-10-10)
    On the occasion of gubernatorial elections in New York, the writer compares freedom in the U.S. with tyranny and injustice in Ottoman Turkey where poor economic conditions caused Syrians/Arabs to emigrate to the U.S. Calls ...
  • Unknown author (Al-Ayyam, 1900-04-19)
    Reports at length from an article in a Lebanese newspaper (Lubnan) about Syrian/Arab emigrants to the U.S. The source stated that such emigrants mainly were from the lower classes and that they might cause harm to the ...
  • Yaziji, Iskander (Meraat-ul-Gharb, 1914-01-17)
    Discusses the causes of Syrian/Arab emigration, the social, educational, and political status of Arab Americans, and the potential for improvement which immigration has provided in all areas of Arab life.
  • Unknown author (Al-Muqtataf, 1905)
    In response to a question as to why "Syrians" do not assimilate in the U.S., the editors encourage their assimilation.
  • Unknown author (Al-Bayan, 1914)
    Open forum where readers expressed their views for and against the immigration of Druze women to the U.S.
  • Atallah, Iskander (Al-Kalimah, 1909-09-15)
    States that, out of two million "Syrians," half a million emigrated to North and South America. Not being used to freedom, some of them turned it into license (some even committing bigamy) to the embarrassment and shame ...
  • Unknown author (Al-Mushir, 1897-12-25)
    This article most likely is by the editor/publisher of Al-Mushir, Selim Sarkis, who attacks the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Hamid for clamping down on newspapers in his empire--while currying favor with them in Europe and America. ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-02)
    Argues that, unlike the Syrian/Arab custom of treating the engagement as almost a wedding or half a wedding, it should be possible for the girl (as it already is for the boy) to break the engagement without shame or harmful ...
  • Wade, Carl W. (Christian Chronicle, 1972-05-22)
  • Cromwell-Kessler, Willy (2000-08-17)
  • Rihbany, Abraham Mitrie (War Work COuncil of the Unitarian Churches, 1917)
    Argues that the essence of religion is the same but that conflicts arise over forms, i.e., doctrine.
  • Carrell, Gene M. (Dearborn Church of Christ, 1968)
  • Crawford, Nolan D. (Christian Chronicle, 1974-03-26)
  • Unknown author (Christian Leader, 1932-07-12)

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