Credit For Life


Recent Submissions

  • Oakland Community College. Office of Institutional Research (2016-06-02)
    The following document contains information designed to assist the College Academic & Student Services Council in developing a Credit For Lite Experience Assessment Policy. This information was obtained in the manner ...
  • Oakland Community College. Credit For Life Experience Committee (2016-06-02)
    The Credit for Life Experience Committee has been meeting throughout 1998 and researching the various methods of awarding credit for prior learning. Below is a summary of results of the research to this date. In addition, ...
  • Oakland Community College. Credit for Life Experience Committee (2016-06-02)
    This report evaluates the processes and procedures for granting credit to students as it applies to the AGS degree, the types of assessment already in place at the College, and PLA assessment policies.
  • Oakland Community College. Workforce Development Forum; Oakland Community College. Continuing Education Subcommittee (2016-06-02)
    During Winter Semester 1996, the Workforce Development Forum was charged by the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services with the responsibility for recommending an internal procedure for awarding continuing ...