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Gordon Buehrig was born June 18, 1904, in Mason City, IL. His first automobile related job was with Gotfredson Body Co. in Wayne, MI in 1924. Gotfredson was one of the leading body builders of the time, supplying such companies as Jewett, Peerless and Wills Sainte Clair. From there he moved to Dietrich, Packard and eventually to General Motors under Harley Earl. In a short time, however, he moved on to Stutz Motor Car Co. and then to Duesenberg, Auburn, Studebaker and the Budd Co. In 1949 he joined the staff at Ford Motor Company where he made an immediate impact as the body engineer for the Lincoln Continental Mark II. However, he was most known for the design of the 810 Cord in 1936. (Adapted from Automotive Design Drawing Collection finding aid.)

Collection contains 1 .25" tape, 5 cassettes, 16 compact discs, 5 WAV files, 5 MP3 files, 1 diskette, 1 loose transcript, 1 bound transcript, 1 Word transcript, and a DVD-R. Uploaded July 22, 2021.

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