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  • Duncan, Norman (Harper's Monthly Magazine, 1903-03)
    Paints the Syrians/Arabs as a simple people, hard-working and not harmful to others, even though they are viewed with suspicion and fear by some Americans. They are presented as all Christian and as opponents of the Ottoman ...
  • Unknown author (New-York Daily Tribune, 1892-10-02)
    Generally positive picture of an "exotic" and colorful people with strange customs but who are industrious and good at trade, the main reason for their immigration. Sketches.
  • Abdou, Nagib Tannous (Al-Hoda, 1903-02-13)
    Two part article briefly spells out the causes of Syrian/Arab emigration, the trials and tribulations of travel, the corruption of brokers, and life in America for the new immigrant.
  • McGovern, John (Halligan's Illustrated World, 1894-03-12)
    Includes pictures and text of "Arabs" at the Fair.
  • Putnam, F. W. (Thomson Publishing Co., 1894)
    Includes pictures of Arabs from Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Egypt, etc. who were at the 1893 Columbian World Fair in Chicago.
  • Awwad, Yusuf (Al-Hoda, 1904-10-05)
    The problems are: Not mixing with Americans; lack of scientific knowledge; one occupation, namely trade; sectarianism; lack of trust of other Syrians/Arabs; not sticking to one job; and sticking to old customs and traditions. ...
  • Qamar, Sulayman (Al-Hoda, 1903-05-05)
    Argues that one primary cause for the lack of progress of Syrians in America is absence of social interaction with Americans. Also, for peddlers, lack of self-confidence makes them believe that Americans will not hire ...
  • Yuwakim, Yusuf Elias (Al-Hoda, 1908-01-15)
    Argues that single Syrian/Arab women immigrants to U.S. are a source of shame and harm both to their folks in the old country and to the Arab community in the U.S. -- and calls for a law to ban such immigration.
  • Hariqa, Haikal al-Khuri (Al-Hoda, 1904-12-06)
    Qualities to look for in boys and girls who are seeking marriage partners. Supervised contact between boys and girls is better than no contact (Eastern tradition) or unsupervised contact (Western tradition).
  • Raphael, J.G. (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-07)
    Raphael praises an article of the same title by Victoria Tannous, but criticizes the fact that religion hardly was touched upon. He then relates a sad story of the forced separation of a Christian woman and a Muslim man ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-04)
    While Tannous accepts inter-religious marriage in principle, she opposes it in practice because of differences in upbringing and customs which will make for an unhappy marriage.
  • Unknown author (Government Printing Office, 1911)
    Under "Races or Peoples" are entries for "Arabian," "Mongolian, Mongol, Mongolic, Mongoloid, Asiatic, or Yellow Race," "Syrian," and "Turkish." Arabians are Semites, Syrians are "Christians and Aryans, not Semites" p. 217, ...
  • Ibn Dawud (Al-Sa'ih, 1913-08-25)
    Argues that society's progress is dependent on the education of women and the attainment of their rights. States that Syrian/Arab women are still under the authority of their menfolk and should become equal to men -- but ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-11)
    Advises Arab men to teach their women how to spend wisely and to trust them with household expenses.
  • Unknown author (Los Angeles Herald, 1909-11-05)
    On 4 Nov. 1909, Judge George H. Hutton of the Los Angeles County Superior court held that Syrians were eligible for U.S. citizenship and that, therefore, George Shesheim was qualified to be a U.S. citizen.
  • Rihani, Ameen (Al-Hoda, 1904-03)
    In a series of articles, Rihani distances himself from the clergy; declares that he searches in his own soul for divinity; prefers the roads less traveled; and wishes liberty/freedom would be transported from U.S. to the East.
  • Unknown author (Al Hoda, 1898)
    The article reports on the catastrophe that was the sinking of the French ocean liner SS. La Bourgogne, which sunk on July 4th, 1898, at the mouth of the New York harbor. 549 lives were lost in the tragedy, including several ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1922-10)
    Argues that a wife deserves a "salary" similar to what the husband gives himself every month, in addition to house expenses. Cautions that Syrian/Arab women should make sure their financial rights are officially guaranteed.
  • Amm, Caroline Milad (Al-Hoda, 1904-12-08)
    Author encourages men to marry. Good breeding, not female wealth or work outside the home is what a prospective husband should seek. Fidelity, love, caring, and patience are virtues to nurture. Equality and greater ...
  • Chevron, Eve, ed. (Department of Sociology, University of Bridgeport, 1961)
    Based mainly on personal interviews, this work details the emigration process of Arabs from Greater Syria, their fraternal and religious organizations, and lists outstanding Syrians and Lebanese in the region. Discusses ...

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