03/11 March


Recent Submissions

  • Technology Management Committee. Oakland Community College (2011-03-17)
    The Oakland Community College Academic Senate passed a motion at its February 2011 meeting requesting the Technology Management Committee (TMC) to investigate the definition of minimum student technology competency and ...
  • Student Outcomes and Assessment Committee. Oakland Community College (2011-03-24)
    The SOAC Report for March 2011 includes several short updates on initiatives presented to the Academic Senate, Faculty Assessment Days, and the next meeting. The SOAC Proposal to Re-Charge SOAC and CRC: The SOAC (Student ...
  • Ad Hoc General Education Committee. Oakland Community College (2011-03-24)
    This report presents, for Academic Senate consideration, three options for Criteria for the General Education Distribution List and its organization.
  • College Academic Senate. Oakland Community College (2011-03-24)
    These are the March 2011 minutes of OCC's College Academic Senate.