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Strategic planning at Oakland Community College focuses on the planning process instead of the plan itself. Focusing on the plan only works if the environment is stable and forecasting is accurate. The environment in which OCC operates is dynamic, complex and unpredictable. To remain relevant, the College must identify opportunities for growth and innovation, seeking out new opportunities and rapidly respond to the needs of its constituents.

Planning at OCC is an inclusive process that uses decision‐making tools to provide a multidimensional view of the organization now and in the future. Taking into account external opportunities, external and internal constraints, internal capabilities and the values of its key constituents, the planning process addresses three strategic questions:

Where are we now?

Where do we want to go?

How will we get there?

Recent Submissions

  • Oakland Community College (2017-01-27)
    This is the 2009-2013 Strategic Plan for Oakland Community College.
  • Oakland Community College (2017-01-27)
    This document is a quick overview of Oakland Community College's 2009-2013 Strategic Plan.
  • Oakland Community College (2017-01-27)
    This document charts three years of reported data on the 5 Strategic Outcomes' Key Performance Indicators: Internal and External Measures as well as Tracking Measures. The 5 Strategic Outcomes include: Curriculum, Student ...
  • Oakland Community College (2017-01-27)
    This document outlines 5 Strategic Planning College Outcomes from 2008-2012: Curriculum, Student Success Skills, Student Engagement, External Relationships, and Human, Financial, Physical and Social Capital.
  • Oakland Community College (2017-01-27)
    Comments on OCC’s 2008-2012 Strategic Plan were solicited from the College community and external stakeholders. Site-based forums were held by the College Planning Council during January of 2008 at all five campuses and ...
  • Oakland Community College (2017-01-27)
    This report reflects the input that was gathered using focus groups of students regarding the 2008-2012 Strategic Plan.

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