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Chronicle Guidance Publication Survey

Chronicle Guidance Publication Survey


This collection consists of surveys created by Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc. (CGP) and completed by Oakland Community College’s Office of Institutional Research. The Chronicle Guidance Publications Survey is a Web-based survey of more than 7,000 schools and agencies across the United States. The survey collects educational data about OCC which it then publishes in editions of the Chronicle Two-year and Four-year Databooks and My eCareers 101, an Internet Application.

Since its founding in 1938, Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc. has been involved with publishing career information resources. They have expanded to producing comprehensive occupational, educational, and professional guidance materials for students, parents, and career educators. CGP collects data from more than 7,700 accredited educational institutions gathering data on financial aid, admissions requirements, majors, enrollment, costs, housing, and accreditation. In addition to their own publications, this information is also shared with state education departments as well as other publishers.

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