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  • Unknown author (New-York Tribune, 1898-03-13)
    Details the religious communities among Syrians/Arabs in New York: 35% Greek Orthodox, 30% Maronite, 25% Greek Catholic, 10% drifted away to Protestant churches. Mentions religious clergy, including Raphael Hawawiny ...
  • Unknown author (Harper's Weekly, 1890-10-25)
    This article takes a look at the "Arab colony" on New York City's westside, along Greenwich and Washington streets. The article provides physical descriptors of the colony's residents and their perspective on Arab culture ...
  • Duncan, Norman (Harper's Monthly Magazine, 1903-03)
    Paints the Syrians/Arabs as a simple people, hard-working and not harmful to others, even though they are viewed with suspicion and fear by some Americans. They are presented as all Christian and as opponents of the Ottoman ...
  • Unknown author (New-York Daily Tribune, 1892-10-02)
    Generally positive picture of an "exotic" and colorful people with strange customs but who are industrious and good at trade, the main reason for their immigration. Sketches.

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