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  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Aalam al-jadid al-nisa'iah, 1913-08)
    Argues that the different treatment of boys and girls in the Syrian/Arab family ends up hurting the boy and helping the girl. Recommends treating both equally and bringing them up properly.
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-08-02)
    Argues that an educated man cannot be satisfied with an uneducated wife.
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-09-22)
    In an introduction to the article, the editor praises Karam and defends her against attackers who do not like to see a Syrian/Arab woman expressing her views in public, and who ask who she might be. Karam tells about ...
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-07-28)
    Accusing women of malicious gossip is not fair, although some do gossip, but so do men. If Syrian/Arab women gossip, it is because they are uneducated and cannot converse about intellectual or useful topics. Men are to ...
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Aalam al-jadid al-nisa'iah, 1913-03)
    States that, among immigrant Arabs in the Mahjar, less than 5% of married people are happy. The reason is that not enough time and effort are spent searching for and getting to know the right partner. Men, with wealth ...
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-07-02)
    Argues that there is a difference between freedom and license. Freedom means that a man allows his wife to do all she is capable of in a virtuous manner.
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-12-29)
    Women are presented as the most important in the life of men throughout the years -- and, therefore, should be educated and should be treated with

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