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  • Ad Hoc Redefining Our Students Committee. Oakland Community College (2012-01-26)
    In October of 2011, the Chancellor addressed the College Academic Senate and requested the Senate undertake an inquiry into “who should be considered our student whereby we have a reasonable probability of their success ...
  • College Academic Senate. Oakland Community College (2012-01-26)
    These are the January 2012 minutes of OCC's College Academic Senate.
  • Ad Hoc General Education Committee. Oakland Community College (2012-01-26)
    The General Education Distribution List details courses that currently satisfy General Education Distribution Requirements and includes a draft of criteria for the GE Distribution List.
  • College Academic Senate. Oakland Community College (2012-01-26)
    This motion was brought before the Academic Senate in January 2012 by the Senate Leadership. This motion is in response to discussions on all five campuses (AH, DO, HL, OR, SE) concerning the need for learning-ready classrooms.
  • Student Outcomes and Assessment Committee. Oakland Community College (2012-01-26)
    The January 2012 SOAC report includes: the support of the development of Common Course Outcomes, Faculty Assessment Day updates, and 2012-2013 essay contest updates.

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