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  • Abdou, Nagib Tannous (Al-Hoda, 1903-04-29)
    Freedom is distinguished from license, which leads people to go beyond modesty and what is socially acceptable--as some Syrian/Arab men and women in the U.S. do.
  • Salibi, Amin (Al-Hoda, 1902-02-12)
    Complains about the large number and dishonesty of Maronite priests who come to the U.S. to collect funds for allegedly worthy church or civic causes. Suggests forming a committee to limit, supervise and monitor such activity.
  • Adhem, Barakat Tannous (Al-Sa'ih, 1918-01-29)
    A satirical (but realistic) account of a "Syrian" who comes to New York, peddles, then opens a store, then a big business. Having succeeded financially, he wants recognition among the educated and uses his wealth to become ...
  • Qamar, Sulayman (Al-Hoda, 1903-05-05)
    Argues that one primary cause for the lack of progress of Syrians in America is absence of social interaction with Americans. Also, for peddlers, lack of self-confidence makes them believe that Americans will not hire ...
  • Rihani, Ameen [Fares] (Al-Sa'ih, 1918-09-16)
    A letter of support and encouragement for Syrian/Arab Americans to fight for the new homeland, even under some difficult conditions that are related to their poor English.

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