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  • Maloof, Jamil (Al-Hoda, 1906-07-13)
    "The question whether or not to establish "Syrian" schools in America is, to the author, one of the most important issues facing "Syrians." He argues against it because 1) Americans (and Presidents Teddy Roosevelt) want ...
  • Awwad, Yusuf (Al-Wafa, 1908-01-24)
    Argues that Arab women should be educated which would keep them from crime and corruption -- but they should know that "Man is the master of women, as Christ is the Head of the Church."
  • Juhayna (Al-Ayyam, 1898-11-14)
    This incomplete series of perceptive articles discusses the need for "Syrian" rebellion against the Ottomans--and what is required for success. Areas of discussion include newspapers, rights and obligations if citizens, ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1920-07)
    Argues for equal education and opportunity for work for women -- until they get married. Also, states that man is the head of the household and the wife should obey her husband.
  • Hamati, Elia (Al-Sa'ih, 1919-01-16)
    Argues that Palestinians -- much poorer and less educated than European Jews planning to come to Palestine following the Balfour Declaration -- will need to unite, seek help from Arabs and Muslims, educate their children, ...

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