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  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-09-22)
    In an introduction to the article, the editor praises Karam and defends her against attackers who do not like to see a Syrian/Arab woman expressing her views in public, and who ask who she might be. Karam tells about ...
  • Bellama, Najla (Al-Sa'ih, 1922)
    Reprint of an article in a Beirut newspaper in which author denounces the false modernism of the "city" woman or some Syrian/Arab women in the West, where modesty, good manners, decency, strong family and feminist beauty ...
  • Karam, Afifa (Al-Hoda, 1904-07-28)
    Accusing women of malicious gossip is not fair, although some do gossip, but so do men. If Syrian/Arab women gossip, it is because they are uneducated and cannot converse about intellectual or useful topics. Men are to ...
  • Shirkey, Howard (Detroit News, 9999)
  • Cole, William Isaac (Massachusetts Department of Education, 1921)
    Provides background, numbers, distribution, occupations, and assimilation.
  • Arida, Mary (Al-Sa'ih, 1918-01-17)
    Damning and powerful statement about the backward conditions of Arab women in the U.S. They are described as ignorant, indolent and pre-occupied with food and housekeeping. The Arab-American press and Arab-American ...
  • Ansara, James M. (Harvard College, 1931)
    In his thesis, James Ansara gives a history of Syrian immigration to and life in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • McLaughlin, Allan (Popular Science Monthly, 1904-01)
    States that there is some truth to the notion that immigrants constitute a menace to U.S. public health. Among immigrants with high levels of disease (especially trachoma) are Syrians/Arabs. This danger is increased if ...
  • Unknown author (2005-01)
  • In re Dow 
    Unknown author (District Court, E.D. South Carolina, 1914-04-15)
    Court decides "Syrians" are not white, based on common knowledge and Congressional intent.
  • Unknown author (Circuit Court, D. Massachusetts, 1910-01-08)
    Court decides "Syrians" are white, based on scientific evidence and legal precedent.
  • Tabshi, Mary (Al-Hoda, 1904-10-22)
    Urges Syrians (especially women) to read and be educated.
  • Unknown author (1985-02-28)
  • Eklund, Kristy (2010-03-22)
    PDF scan of actual invitation sent out to DALNET Anniversary luncheon invitees
  • Bilak, Epi Stephan (Christian Chronicle, 1961-02-24)
  • Antoun, Jamileh Elias (Al-Sa'ih, 1916-05-08)
    A second response to Mary Arida, again arguing that women should be obedient to their husbands, remain faithful and honest. Syrian/Arab men are not bad fellows as Mary Arida painted some of them, and American men are much ...
  • Irwin, Bradley Travis (Christian Chronicle, 2003-06)
  • Unknown author (1969)
  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Fleming, Walter L. (Popular Science Monthly, 1909-02)
    Somewhat detailed account of American government decision to purchase camels, their importation and the uses (or lack of such) made of them. Reports that two Turks and three Arabs (no names mentioned) came with the camels. ...

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